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10 times Wabaiya Kariuki wore our jewellery and shut down the day, Literally!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

As you all Know Ms. Wabaiya Kariuki is Ms Universe Kenya 2018, A model and previously a student of Daystar University. She wears many hats, she is an advocate for mental health, a model, a singer, an actual superhero and possibly the fire fighter in charge of taking down cats from trees in Kenya(have you ever seen one in our country? no, exactly my point), our Santa Clause and the first picture in your Mood board (its true isn't it?). She also inspires us to get in shape and be our best selves through her page Wellness with Wabaiya, she is an all round beautiful person and honestly we cant imagine someone else wearing that crown.

We could go on and on about her but today we are here to discuss 10 (or maybe 11) times Wabaiya wore our jewellery and took away the day.

1. When she was in Thailand and put on our split leaf earring with that cute outfit.

2. When she was at Dusit Thani, in Bankok wearing our snake rings.

3. That one time the ocean got a chance to be in the same photo as her,

wearing our big hibi hoops.

4. That time she showed us yellow is the new yellow (lets start a series talking about this outfit), in that pantsuit while wearing our split leaf earring.

5. That time she held a talk at Rusinga School, inspiring them kids, in our split leaf earrings.

6. When she talked at a conference wearing (drum rolls please) Our split leaf earrings!

7. Whether its an everyday look or a night out, you can pair our earrings with any outfit, here she is wearing the split leaf earrings.

8. A chilled look? She can pull that off too! here she is wearing the cactus necklace.

9. In Transit? on the bus or catching a flight? taking a selfie? No problem, Drip is forever. here she is wearing our big hibi hoops.

10. Representing Kenya at the Miss Universe in Bankok.

here she is wearing our snake rings and our split leaf earrings.

11. And in African attire? say no more! our jewellery still works!

here she is pictured wearing our Hibi long hoop earring and the Hibi ring

Do you need more inspiration on how to pair our jewellery? i don't think so, Ms. Wabaiya showed us how!


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