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Avie Collection

This is Dhana Vito's second collection, released on January 2020, It was heavily inspired by the ginko leaf and the banana leaf and a bit of the hibiscus flower.

Dhana Vito-5051-2 ``1.jpg
Dhana Vito-5143.JPG
Dhana Vito-5094.JPG
Dhana Vito-5155.JPG
Dhana Vito-5151.JPG
Dhana Vito-4991.JPG
Dhana Vito-4955.jpg
2021-04-20-025157885 (1) (1).jpg
Dhana Vito-5198.JPG
Dhana Vito-5237.JPG
Dhana Vito-5160.JPG
Dhana Vito-5139.JPG
Dhana Vito-5074.JPG
Dhana Vito-5080.JPG
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